Marketing & Business

Development Associate


Available to students and new grads
20-25 hrs/wk
Remote or In-Person
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Hey! Here's what's going on
Supported by the Student Life Network, DFO! is hunting for a motivated, passionate new member to join its team. This person is going to love wearing multiple hats (and not just ones in their favourite colour) and is going to wake up every day fired up to help students across the country.
Our new teammate is going to thrive off of fast-paced work environments that change frequently and is going to be ready for some real, complex challenges ahead of them. Even better, this person will love our existing partnerships with brands like the Student Life Network, since they allow us to work alongside experts in areas like web development, graphic design, market research, and content marketing.
Of course, this person isn’t going to know everything or may not even possess all of the requirements for the job, but they will be ready to dive right in to learn everything they need to know to rock their new role.
Things we'll need from you
  • Excellent written and spoken communication. You can probably be found correcting the grammar of your peers or cringing when someone incorrectly uses “you’re”.

  • Excellent time-management and self-organization skills. Colour coding your notebooks and putting breakfast, lunch, dinner and three snacks in your phone’s calendar may just be your favourite pastime.

  • Strong creative and critical thinking. You likely can appreciate some time interpreting modern art but are just as comfortable sitting down with a complex decision and writing out your pros and cons.

  • Highly adaptable and flexible. When someone asks if you can tackle a new issue that has come up in the business, your response is probably something like “watch me”.

  • Recent graduate or current student of a postsecondary institution (college/university).

A snapshot of the work
  • Work alongside the Co-Founder of Don’t Freak Out! to aid in business development

  • Adapt to (and thrive in) a fast-paced, agile company requiring a high degree of job duty flexibility.

  • Outreach to and partner with external organizations.

  • Manage partnerships and partner relationships.

  • Plan and execute multiple digital and in-person events.

  • Create and execute targeted social media and digital content strategies.

  • Create and execute outreach strategies to a target audience.

  • Report on and analyze project performance.

  • Produce creative written and video content for numerous projects.

  • Other duties related to Don’t Freak Out! projects and partnerships with other brands.

  • Administrative tasks as required.

What will set you apart
  • Basic understanding of financial literacy, secondary school education in Ontario, and/or development of educational programs/training.

  • Previous experience coordinating social media campaigns or digital content strategies.

  • Previous experience with graphic design and/or familiarity with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Publisher, and/or Premiere Pro).

  • Passion for helping students.

  • Exceptional reading comprehension.

How to apply

Read through this page and are thinking "I would walk through a wall to get this job"? We think we'd get along.​

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